Time for Change

Resistance is Futile

I love taking pictures of the people I speak to and encourage!

Dear World,

This may be the most heartfelt post I’ve put down on this site in a long long while. I’ve sorry I’ve been gone so long my much beloved Agile community! I’ve been on the grind, helping clients build wonderful software, working with some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met in my life. I’ve trained thousands on better techniques in software development practices, spoken in multiple continents and locations built with dreams. I’ve made so many friendships and so many long lasting relationships. Again, I’m sorry I’ve been gone.

The wonderful joys of training and coaching Agile!

The grind is heads down. And for those that know, I crush work. I work hard at my craft. I love that part of the learning process. I love what I do, sincerely, and as I told my boss and my team at one our team meetings, “I feel so good when I help people in companies achieve the impossible.”  – Well, it’s time to do the impossible myself. It’s about damn time.

I’ve always had a passion for entrepreneurship my entire life. It’s been something that never has left me. Even as I went through all my education becoming a trained scientist, 3 Masters Degrees, building startup companies, failing epically, getting lucky with two wonderful acquisitions, marrying the best woman in the world and having 2 perfect children, and lastly, continuing to change the world the best way I can 1 by 1 person at a time in large and small companies… I always go back to my core desire: to Build. I must build. I shall build.

It’s Not Complicated

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