Your Designer Has Quit – Make Him Part of Your Agile Team

Please don’t let this happen to your team…

We’ve talked a bit about design and Agile:

Let’s bring design back into the discussion!

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  1. If my designer left the building all I’d say is AW Cxxp! I’m of the opinion that we need those UX/UI/Designer/Creative talents to make the very best MVPs -they round out our skills, make our stuff shine…what say the Agile Experts?

    Keep on, keeping on!

  2. I’m sure plenty of people that are good and can find a job elsewhere quit positions that aren’t suitable to them.

    But luckily in agile land, you can just dragoon the nearest SQL dev to do your UX. And ask the customers what they want?

    Right? Right?

    Or actually maybe it’s a good strategy to prize unique resources that are invaluable.

    It’s such a hard calculus

      1. All of them are serious from different viewpoints.

        If they’ve quit how do you make them part of the team?

        My larger point is:

        1) If you change what’s going on too much the designers will get fed up and quit

        2) Individuals that are good won’t put up with BS

        3) Agile does not go out of their way to please specialists and actually tends to loathe them

        4) But it’s all ok because in agile land specialists aren’t needed because anyone can do anything…right?

        Sure I think people shouldn’t leave on bad terms, but if the terms weren’t bad, why would they leave?

        The key here, I think, is to prevent your good people from quitting in the first place and respect them.

        If top tier talent gets treated like crap, they won’t stand for it.

        I don’t think that means indulging prima donnas, but I think it means people need to attract and retain top tier talent, not treat people as disposable cogs.

        I spoke with 1 company who learned the error of their ways and now is recruiting people for about 30% more pay than previously.

        At least they learned their lesson..


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