Your Agile Horoscope [Part 2/2] PMI and Agile?

Yesterday we took a look at why companies are turning to Agile more and more in part 1 of the Agile Horoscope. Today we look at the potential future of Agile and the PMI.

Two major predictions caught our attention (and one just came true)! [See the PMI Agile Certification announcement:

“Expect to see Agile take a more prominent role. This is overdue, due to the fact that quite a few project managers now use (or at least experiment with) Agile. There is a lot of discussion taking place behind closed doors on how to integrate the primarily execution-oriented Agile practices with the more deliberate planning bent that makes up the PMBOK Guide.” – Andy Crowe

Andy, who writes on SavvyPM goes on to say that:

“Also expect to see an “AgileBOK” appear in 2012. There are a few reasons I am confident this will happen. First, PMI will be offering an Agile exam, and where there is an exam, there is going to be some kind of standard to codify the body of knowledge. Also, there is only so much you can say about Agile in the PMBOK Guide. It needs its own document. Trying to shoehorn all of the Agile knowledge into the PMBOK Guide would just be too awkward (although believe me, there are people who want it done that way). The documents will be separate but compatible. Still not convinced? Go back and read the Agile Manifesto, and ask yourself how you would make all of this fit inside The PMBOK Guide (without dismantling or radically changing The PMBOK Guide, which would not be an option).” – Andy Crowe

All this reminds us of a post we did late last year on “PMBOK for Agile? Is that even Agile? [AgileBOK].” Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the near future around Agile and the PMI.

One thing is for sure… as the questions around certification continue to grow, there may be one organization that “gets it right.” If that is the PMI, well then, capitalism for the win.

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  1. I’m in agreement with Andy. The AgileBOK will happen. A few months ago, I was pushing the idea (on my blog) of mentioning Agile in the PMBOK Guide v5. Behind the scenes I saw the “Agile body of knowledge” taking shape via the PMI-Agile task force. I turned down the rhetoric on my blog and let things take their course.

    It will certainly be interesting to see what the final product will be. Whatever the output, I hope the AgileBOK has a tighter iteration cycle than the PMBOK.

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