You Think You’re #LEAN?!?


I am often a purveyor of fresh Twitter food for my readers. I thought I would enlighten all of you noobs about what really goes on with the #lean hashtag.

Obviously you must not know!?

Not only is #lean meant for those interested in software development, manufacturing methods, and reduction of waste in any type of process… but it is also a common drink mixed and concocted by some of the best, brightest, and highest-elite of our society:

“Dat #lean got my thoed.”

“Dat #lean got my swervin.”

“Mayne… hol’ up… I got too much #lean in my cup…”

Oh… and here is one for #AGILE.

You know… if you scour twitter… you’ll see an underground economy beyond the eyes of the professional elite. My young Padawan, to learn, there is much, erhm? Oh, how we can learn from these fresh young men and woman who have such a knack for intellectually stimulating conversation and unique ideas. Oh, how I yearn to sit under their tutelage!

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