You are Fired Agile Coach

You can’t please everyone. We often hear that sometimes the best career move someone made was a move made for themgetting fired… in turn it jumpstarted their career.

Maybe my career is just getting started.

Maybe, for you, reader… the best thing you can do is make a BIG change. Life is short. Too damn short. Take smart risks. Try the un-tried. Do something fantastic.

[No, I didn’t really get fired, and this email-snippet lacks a lot of context… but yes, my client DID write this…in jest]

Where have YOU needed to make a change… Or what happened? Please share with us!

4 Replies to “You are Fired Agile Coach”

  1. I think I can understand/relate to THIS context. If my 6th sense is right, I know the client. What ever they had to do, they did it to lot of people, awesome talent.
    They had their reasons I believe, but they sure lacked lot of human leadership. I think they needed Action Influence coaching! ;-)..

  2. I know nobody got fired :). What I was referring to was I probably know the “client” and they did fire few ppl when I was working there & then didn’t renew contracts for MANY. They themselves didn’t know their future :)..

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