World Congress & WCBA Conference – Track Session Speakers

We’ve logged it on our calendars and prepping our gear for the Project World & World Congress for Business Analysts coming up November 8-10th. Again, we’re excited to be the Guest Blogger for this event and have a ton of work to do to prep for it.

Make sure you check out our post on what you can expect from Agile Scout for this upcoming conference!

We’ve just about finished up our decisions on which Track Sessions we want to attend. Below is our list. Get ready!

Jeff Scott speaking on: The Art of Influence: Getting Things Done When You are Not in Charge


Twitter: @logicalleap

Eric Morfin speaking on: Critical Thinking Skills for the Global Chief Project Officer

Ellen Gottesdiener speaking on: Improve Your Product and Process with Retrospectives


Twitter: @ellengott

Brad Sandler speaking on: Collaboration Technologies for Globally Distributed Agile Development Teams


Pam Stanton speaking on: Understanding the Human Part of the Gantt Chart to Lead Teams to Victory


Twitter: @pamstanton

Mary Gorman speaking on: Agile Requirements: Not an Oxymoron


Twitter: @mbgorman

At the Conference?

Find us during all of the Keynote speaker sessions as well as the Track Sessions below:

If you’re going, make sure to drop by and say “Hi” to us!

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