World Cafe Session – How to Align Your Organization to Agile – Building Trust!

World Cafe is a great discussion time to dialogue about various Agile topics.

This is a very interesting exercise that revolves around a deep dive into these topics.

I joined the Making the Business Case for Selling Agile

Some interesting take-aways from our discussion.

How to make the case for selling Agile:

Is TRUST. You must build trust in order to sell Agile over the long term. So the questions really is, “How do you build trust?”

Our answer was to celebrate the small wins that Agile brings. Start bringing pieces of Agile into your regular development fold and start communicating up the benefits that Agile is bringing. Not just from IT, but from the BA’s, the PM’s, and QA.

Really communicate those small wins and celebrate them upwards to the management. As the management hears all the good things that Agile is bringing, they’ll begin to trust the work that is being done downstream. The public relations of those wins is very crucial and remember to communicate those wins from the very beginning!

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