WORD ON THE STREET – Real Life Bitcoin Users!

Episode #65 – We talk to Chris from Jacksonville, FL about his lawn care business and accepting bitcoin!

2 Replies to “WORD ON THE STREET – Real Life Bitcoin Users!”

  1. Hello from San Diego, I’m the Cryptocurrency bitcoin Prince of San Diego, lol.. jk..
    I’m actually a single father who invested my entire life savings in crypto currency and now I’m living paycheck to paycheck.
    I live the blockchain community lifestyle,
    My wish is to receive some help from the crypto community, a blessing is what I need ..

    Also about my 14yr old sons, he needs help , me and him are big community activist..
    My goal is to receive some support from the crypto community, and to get a sponsor to help support my son’s to go to a big blockchain/ crypto currency convention.

  2. Hi ..
    I just got an idea ,
    Maybe me and my son’s could come meet and greet the crew..

    Just an idea , u know I’m just trying to help the kids.

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