Wiley Partners with Peter Saddington to Publish Agile Pocket Guide

Excited to announce that Wiley, the #1 Business Book Publisher has accepted partnership with Peter Saddington to publish his Agile Pocket Guide – A Quick Start Guide to Agile Software Development.


The company was founded in 1807, during the Jefferson presidency. In the early years, Wiley was best known for the works of Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, and other 19th century American literary giants. By the turn of the century, Wiley was established as a leading publisher of scientific and technical information. (A more detailed history is available.)

I have to give props to Michael Hyatt for his eBook on Writing a Winning Book Proposal. Even though I didn’t partner with Wiley because they accepted my book proposal… it was the process of going through creating a kick-butt proposal that allowed me to better understand how to market and design a book that is worth reading. To that end, thank you Michael! 

2 Big Wins for Me… 1 For You (Now)

  1. Super excited about this. I’m glad all my blogging and writing is paying off… considering I got rejected by over 20 publishers previously
  2. Another great thing about this opportunity? We’re taking an Agile approach to writing and publishing the final content!
  3. I can no longer sell it as a self-published work… Get a copy NOW before it’s too late… 🙂

Boom goes the dynamite.

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