Wikipedia is Agile – One of the Worlds Largest Websites Manages Data with Agile

Fundraising is hard. Period. Managing one of the largest websites in the world…well, you gotta use Agile. In order for Wikipedia to manage not only the large amount of data but also continue to fund their project they had to approach their workload in a very agile and iterative fashion.

[We’ve written about updates to Wikimedia’s Agile approach before]:

The fundraiser brings all sorts of uncertainties and in order to respond to these uncertainties, we had to approach it in a very agile and iterative fashion. Through daily SCRUM’s and keeping our clients close, we worked together to respond to changing requirements while maintaining a sane work load. We kept an up to date list of our backlog on meta and used this on a daily basis to organize our work, prioritize incoming requests, and keep our clients informed. We did timely code review, qa, and deployment while balancing responsiveness of project delivery.

One of the toughest challenges that Wikimedia Foundation found was to balance ease of changes for quick testing while maintaining strict security requirements to safeguard their donors’ privacy. They also developed new methods for quick content creation, reliability and deliverability.

In order to assess their progress, they made use of a check-in mid-fundraiser and another at the end of the fundraiser (sounds like a retrospective/demo). This allowed us to connect directly with members of the fundraising team to asses our progress and course correct as necessary.

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