Why Google Plus is Important to Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

Google Plus is more than just a competitor for Facebook. Google Plus represents a major shift in the way that search engines rank web pages and your blog.

From Google’s beginnings Larry Page and Sergey Brin indexed and mapped the millions of anonymous, unmapped web pages based on the links and keywords that pointed to each page. Google rode the profitable search engines trail to become the tollgate of web commerce. The Google brand came to embody fast results to any question.

The only problem was that you couldn’t be sure if the Google results you clicked on would drop you on a page with the information content you wanted or on a web page with a sales pitch. When Facebook came along with the Like button, this was the solution to the query result quality problem. With hundreds of millions of Facebook users, and now Google Plus users, bestowing Likes and Plus Ones to the brands and information pages that they favored, the Google highway of links suddenly had personalized reviews of most of the content you might be looking to find.
Another Google Plus profile page
Now, with many knowledgeable people in your Google Plus Circles,  Google can include personalized Plus One recommendations for anything you search. Even if the people in your Google circles are few or if people in your Google circles are ape-like, the search results will still include Plus One recommendations from other people that you don’t know. Robert Scoble wrongly predicted that Google Plus One meant the end of Search Engine Optimization. He was only partly right.The old way of doing SEO with just links and keywords will disappear to be replaced with a more complex way of SEO that includes optimizing keyword, links and social media.

So what happens to your blog’s rankings in Google if few people give it a Plus One? What can you do to help your blog survive in the changing world of Google Search Plus? We will find out together. What questions would you like to tackle about your blog and search engines?

[Addition – See the Google+ For Business Infographic Below – Click for larger view]

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