Why Customers Still Need Voices

You’d think customers’ communications with product management and product marketing is way better now with Social – probably so but when are the voices actually being heard by the PM department? Depends on who’s managing the Twitter and Facebook accounts, right?  And that job is probably with big “M” marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I love these guys but another layer for customer voices to filter through is just too much!

Sooner is always better.

Collaborate with Customers. It’s fair to say Agile methods are all about collaborating directly with customers while building a product rather than negotiating features after the fact. Question is – how do you reach customers? and more importantly how can a customer reach you first?

Feedback.  Working Agile is not about producing stuff quickly. Instead it’s about listening and learning. Then, it’s about performing and asking “how’d we do?” Improve as needed, producing things well, worth your customers’ while. Listen always.

Talk with me. I’m interested to find out what customer voice, customer feedback tools are used by Agile Product Teams. What works, what doesn’t? Has anyone build a home grown solution?



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