Who is Lord of the Backlogs?


One Backlog to list them all, One Backlog to find them,
One Backlog to prioritize them all and in the Sprints deliver them
In the Land of Agile where the Stories lie.

Copyright (c) 2003-2012, K.C. Ritchie, Classmaker(SM), with gratitude to J.R.R. Tolkien for the inspiration. Permission granted to distribute with attribution.

Do you work in the Land of Agile?

  • In your Land, where you labor, where do the Stories lie? How are Stories listed, found, and prioritized?
  • Are there many Backlogs? Is there One Backlog, a Master-Backlog to list them all?
  • How is it that you lay hold of your Stories, tasks, or assignments? Are there any Technical Stories there?
  • Are Stories delivered in Sprints or Releases?

Who is the Lord of the Backlogs in your Land?

You need not reveal the Land in which you now labor. But please, do tell about your Stories, Sprints, and Backlogs… And who is their master?

The Road goes ever on and on… perhaps through Lands in which our Agile Scouts have not yet traveled.  Yet, through your eyes, we hope to gain a glimpse of other worlds beyond The Shire

Will you tell us, please?  Thank you, my Precious… Thank you!

-K.C. Ritchie 😉

3 Replies to “Who is Lord of the Backlogs?”

    1. Answers, I have few. Questions, I have many! A Backlog for my questions, perhaps, but who shall be its Master?

      Answers–and more questions–may be found in tales such as one you shared two days ago from The Land of Product Marketing, inscribed here at http://agilescout.wpengine.com/marketing-teams-can-use-agile-methods-too/. Thank you for opening your journal, dear traveler!

      My hope is for many visitors to bring word from other Lands, to share with us and all who may visit henceforth.

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