What’s Being Reported in Scrums – ScrumMaster Role! (Part 2/2)

Scrums, as we’ve talked about before are an integral part of Agile software development. Frankly, even if you’re not Agile, you can participate in Scrums. I suggested a little while back to a friend and CEO of a company that he start doing scrums for his development team even if they aren’t really doing anything Agile. Reason? To begin the process of disclosure and transparency to the company about what is going on so communication and collaboration can permeate the business. So far, he reports that it’s been a great step in their business!

So let’s review the purpose of the ScrumMaster:

  1. To remove escalated obstacles or resolve dependencies between team members and teams
  2. Remind the team of mission/value statements for each project
  3. Quickly document any necessary follow ups with team members
  4. Give updates and information regarding enterprise releases an pertinent information
  5. And… to remove dependencies between teams!

Some points to remember for your scrum group:

  1. No more talking about meetings (Meetings don’t show work). If there are actionable items from meetings that people need to know about, talk about that. Remember, we’re looking for input.
  2. Project Leaders, show up!
  3. Project Leaders, set the example. Main purpose of PM’s are to take away impediments!
  4. Project Leaders, should share the most, give direction, and give information.
  5. Project Leaders, ask questions that follow up on people’s issues:
    1. “Who do we need to help on that.”
    2. “What does that mean?”
    3. “When do we need to meet on that?”
    4. “I think that ___ should be involved with that, correct?
    5. Yesterday, today, what blocks me?

The purpose of a ScrumMaster can very much be a leadership role. Lead by example like a good Agile Scout!

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