What Will Eat Agile?


And I wonder what is the next bigger fish in the sea? If I put my own finger on it, it would be a principle-based approach to scaling agile and (real) org change…


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  1. If by “principle-based approach,” you mean a minimalist collection of guidelines and well-proven folkways, adapted by each team for each project in conjunction with their stakeholders to accomplish the work at hand, rather than Yet Another Framework / Methodology / Silver Bullet, I hope you are correct. But software consultants gotta pay their mortgages, too.

      1. Software developers don’t want simplicity. Case in point: the Scrum Guide is 17 pages, including cover page and TOC, and the Agile Manifesto (including principles) fits on a page. Now, consider the state of Agile.

        We would rather add an inertial guidance system to a bowling ball than practice converting spares.

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