Week Retrospective 15 – Ty Pennington and the Agile Methodology Hater

This week has been a good one. We launched Agile Scout LIVE and held our very first LIVE interview. A total of 19 people showed up for the webcast simultaneously. That isn’t that bad considering we just launched and dropped a Twitter and RSS note  just hours before the actual event.

The first live interview went very well, aside from a couple of A/V issues in the beginning. No worries!

Our survey that we put out on when the best time to have LIVE interviews tells us that many people would like to see it Saturday. Interesting. Very interesting.

Make sure you take the survey here. We’ll want to be pretty consistant with our LIVE sessions, so even though there is no ‘best’ time, we’ll have to pick something.

In other news: This week in traffic we found that somebody out there has been searching for “Agile methodology hater” and came to our site 10 times.

Interesting huh? Sounds like a blog post to us!

Blog Posts this Week

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook – Zuckerberg has his development teams build and design the product. An interesting idea for startups sans Product Owners.

First ever LIVE Interview with Victor Hernandez

Agile and Business IntelligenceAgile BI works, you just have to know what to do!

When is the best time to host Agile Scout LIVE?Take the survey please!

Agile Technical Writers – Agile works with technical writers and documentation. You just have to know how to inject them into the process!

Extreme Makeover with Ty Pennington – I believe this show is pure Agile. What do you think?

Agile Scout LIVE Officially Launches – Read what Agile Scout LIVE is all about!

Big thanks to our Advertisers in 2011 – Check them out. They rock.

I need Agile Methodology – Yep. Funny video here.

Stats this Week

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