Week Retrospective 12 – Obama & Agile, Pivotal Tracker Tool Review

This week has been a slower week than usual. Lots of wrapping up to do for the year and taking a week off next week (not from blogging).

The mini Christmas tree is set, a couple of stockings are ready to go, and all the holiday cards have been sent out to friends, relatives, and those that really deserve coal… JK.

We came upon a couple of technical issues this week, mainly: www.embedit.in has been a complete #fail. While we could host documents on our own servers quite fine, we do like the GUI and the presentation layer that these 3rd party apps avail their users. We recently migrated all our stuff over to www.scribd.com and have been happy thus far. We’ll see how it continues to roll in the months to come.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Blog posts this week:

[Tool Review] – Binfire – Task Management – We took a look at this tool. Not too shabby.

Agile is Relationship Management – Don’t sever that relationship with your client. Communicate.

[Tool Review] – Pivotal Tracker – Awesome tool. Even added bonus documents with this review. Get your Tracker on.

Barack Obama told the Government to do Agile software development – Yup.

Kanban and Santa – A Christmas story.

[Agile Guide] – Writing good user stories – 3 great resources for writing better user stories. Read up.

Kaizen on for your life – Continually improve your live.

Metrics for the week:

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