Week Retrospective 11 – Kanban for Noobs and a Guest Post by Andrew Phillips from XebiaLabs

This week has been a fun one. From talking about Kanban for new Agile teams (n00bs) to learning that we can be a certified Scrum Trainer by signing up on craigslist, this week has been one of learning new stuff!

We wrote our two most boring posts ever, on Agile and the government as well as hanging out with William Shatner and the legal environment utilizing Agile.

With a wintery-wonderland happening in Atlanta, this past week has been a good one to hunker down and really focus on pushing out some great content. We’re looking forward to what the next year will bring!

Blog posts this week:

A Failed Agile Program – Lessons learned from a real life example of how one organization transitioned from Agile… and then back again.

5th Annual State of Agile Survey – From Version One. Make sure to check out the latest stats thanks to Version One.

Kanban is for n00bsCheck out the reasons why Kanban is good for beginning Agile teams or teams that are looking to do some Agile work.

Agile in Law and Legal – William Shatner says to all lawyers: “Do Agile.” We’ll take his word over anyone else any day.

Agile in Government – The Departement of Veterans Affairs has had some success with Agile. Or have they? You be the judge.

Be an Agile Trainer from Craigslist – Yep. It’s true. You can be a certified trainer for Scrum, via Craigslist. Do it. Democratize that Agile!

5pm Agile tool for iPhone – It’s out. Grab yourself a copy if you’re already a 5pm user.

Agile and Deployment Automation – A great guest post by Andrew Phillips on Agile and automating your deployments. Makes sense to us. Read this article. You’ll be glad you did.

December Giveaways – 3 giveaways, 3 winners. Congrats to the winners!

Servant Leadership in Agile – Be a servant leader with your team.

[Agile Tool] – Planbox – Agile Management. Check out this freemium tool. May just work for you and your team.

Metrics for the week:

Wow check out the increase of search engines… this is a big win!

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