Week Retrospective 10 – ScrumMasters aren’t PM’s, Agile Lifestyle, and December Giveaway!

This week hasn’t been too crazy, like the previous weeks. We’ve kept things in line, continuing to push valuable content daily.

A couple of things to remember:

December Giveaway is closing this weekend!

Aldon Agile Manager Tool has been released this month. It’s free and it’s awesome. Make sure to drop by our premier review of it!

Blog posts this week:

ScrumMaster is NOT a Project Manager – We need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves on this.

#Agile #Fail = #Win – Agile encourages a fail-quickly and learn quickly.

Agile Testing Techniques – See a presentation made by @wiggly!

Agile Task [Tool] – Free for a month!

Agile is a Lifestyle – Check out a marathon plan and how one man used Agile to prepare for it.

Scare/Surprise your Developers with Change – A couple ideas of how to make your developers love you for life.

Agile and Velocity on Teams – If you add more people to a team, does it increase your velocity?

Agile Teams – Involve your team in the process. They’ll thank you over time for it!

Scrum Video – Introduction to Scrum in 8 minutes. Great video.

Aldon Agile Manager [Tool Review] – Make sure you check this tool out. Oh, and it’s FREE!

Agile Quiz – Take the quiz. Know your Agile.

December GiveawayGet entered for your chance to win!

Metrics for the week:

Following the weeks end-over-end have been interesting to say the least. We’re thinking about changing up a couple of things to keep people reading through the weekend, and not just this weekly retrospective.

Does that mean that we’ll put fresh content up on Saturday and Sunday? These days have usually been reserved for off-days, per se. Even though we haven’t posted much on a Saturday and Sunday, we spend most of Saturday looking at the back-end of the site, metrics and such, iterate and change our strategy as we go.

So far the metrics we’re collecting show a lot to us: What people want to read, what gets most impressions, click-throughs, talkbacks, pingbacks, etc.

The more time you can spend looking at your traffic, the better you’ll understand how to capitalize on it.

Going up. Always good. Week over week.

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