Week in Review – Week 3 – Prepping for Beta

This past week has been very busy. From pushing great content to reviewing some great Agile Scrum tools, we’ve also been prepping for the next couple weeks.

So what’s coming up? Several big things will be launched.

  1. Agile Scout is almost ready for *Beta launch – This means our first pass at design changes to the site. We’ll be trying out different color schemes and working with our design team to figure out how we want to color the Agile Scout world. We’re Agile, we can change rapidly!
  2. The State of Agile Blog Series – This is dropping next week! Get excited!
  3. First Ever Agile Scout Prize Giveaway – Yep. Starts Monday. Get ready for awesomeness.

Metrics for the week:

Blog posts this week:

Sponsorship Spots Now Available Join up. We’re giving back to the community and we’re excited for what we have in store! Be prepared. Sign up to our email and RSS feeds today to be in the know.

Relationships are the Key to Management – Character is paramount to experience. Be a Scout.

Tool Review – Agile Bench This tool rocks our socks. Simple and easy. Check it out today!

PMBOK for Agile – Not one out there yet. We’ve received some interesting feedback on this post. Read what you can do in light of the fact that there is no PMBOK for Agile just yet.

The ScrumMaster Role – Find out how you can be a more effective ScrumMaster in part 2 of this series.

Scrum Alliance Amsterdam – Yep. The schedule is up. Check it out to find out who’s going to be there and what madness may ensue from it.

Tool Review – OmmWriter – We here at Agile Scout use OmmWriter for our in-depth coverage and review articles. Want a tool that will let you write in peace? Look no further.

Tool Review – SikBox – We’ll try to post items now and again that help out the Agile software development community bloggers. Good tips and great tools are always useful for Agile bloggers.

ScrumMaster and the Daily Scrum – How you can help your team out with what they report in Scrums. We understand they can get stale. As a ScrumMaster, you can alleviate that rub. Go forth.

Weekly Encouragement – Lyssa Adkins and her interviews with several Agile practitioners gives us reasons to love Agile.

World Congress and WCBA Track Session SpeakersAgile Scout will be at this awesome conference covering it live. See who we’ll be covering and check us out if you’ll be there!

What is an Agile Scout? – You can be one too. Hit up our full list of ways Agile Scout’s are making an impact in the Agile software development community.

The State of Agile Blog Series – We’re excited because we’ve collected almost all of the guest contributors posts. Next week we launch. Get excited.

The Agile Scout Manifesto – It’s printed. It’s out. See what we’re all about.

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