Week in Review – Week 2 *SPIKES!

This is our 2nd week of our Week in Review series that we’ll continue to try to do every week (if time permits).

This week has been awesome.

We’ve seen massive growth and interest in what we have to say here on Agile Scout. From unique visitors to completing our two lists on Agile tools, (AGILE SCRUM TOOL LIST, KANBAN TOOL LIST) we’ve seen tremendous growth. AND! We’ve even announcing our new Agile Scout logo today!

Like it? Compliments of CrapLogo.me.

Is this indicative of things to come? Well, we hope so. If you’ve been following us, you’ve even seen some website layout changes as we’re giving sneak peaks to our new Agile Scout character that we’ve been developing. Stay tuned for more updates!

Metrics for the week:

Yep. Thats in %. Lots of growth and we love it!

We’ve received a lot of direct traffic this week. Would like to grow in other areas as well.

We even published our very first Youtube video:

Blog posts this week:

Scrum Alliance vs Tobias Mayer – An investigative report on the fallout! The Agile software development lifecycle may never be the same.

Agile Scout Not at Scrum Alliance 2010 – Sad. We’d like to be there in spirit though. Email us if you’d like to help us out!

Hanging out in the Agile Development Space – Hang out with Agile Scout wherever we are.

SUBSCRIBE to AGILE SCOUT – Yes. Do this. *Hint, if you’re reading this we’re getting ready to do our first contest… for subscribers only!

Agile Scout on Youtube – Yeppo. You can do it yourself as well. Check the video at the end.

Agile CoachOvercoming Fears and Ego when doing an Agile Transformation – You can do it too if you read the post!

Agile Task – Tool review. Check it. A great Agile scrum tool.

TOP LIST OF BEST KANBAN TOOLSAgile Scout has it. A growing list of the best Agile Kanban software development tools out there.

BEST BLOGGING PLATFORM – Standard ThemeAgile Scout runs on Standard Theme. Shouldn’t you?

TeamBox – Agile Tool Review – We love this tool. Could be used as an Agile project management tool.

Agile Scout is Most Influential Project Manager? – Not sure. You be the judge.

World Congress and WCBAAgile Scout will be the premier guest blogger for this event. Are you ready for Agile software development process overload??

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