Week in Review 9 – Duplicate Content and Other Stuff

These past couple of weeks have been a doozy. We’ve been churning out content like a well oiled machine. Lots to do, even more to read. I was sitting in my favorite work chair this past week (Starbucks) and wondering to myself how much content I read on a weekly basis. In order to cover as much Agile news as we can, we have to read a ton. Thank goodness for google reader. That baby lights up with 100’s of great articles every week (Just in the Agile space!). Follow technology? Ha. Talk about 1000’s per week.

If you love weekend reading. Well you’ve found a place for it. Below is a list of posts for the week. Get your full.

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So, what else is new?

A co-worker and friend of mine always asks me this question. Well, we can give you a hint. We’re rolling out something big within the next month or so. Hoping for January release. It’s going to be huge. We’re really excited. So far our 1-month Agile release schedule is working out great. Push the product, make the release. Iterate and iterate some more later.

Blog posts this week:

Since we took a break from metrics the last week, this week will include 2 weeks worth!

Duplicate Content is #terrible – If you’re an Agile blogger. You need to read this.

@agile_reception wants to be a CSM – Buy her stuff. Help her reach her dreams!

Agile Products for Sale – There’s a market for everything, even Agile stuff.

White Paper on 3 Planning Stages in Agile – Short and to the point. We like.

Agile UX Designer? – Grab a cool paper pad for your work.

SmartQ is out of Beta – Go check it out and see if this tool is right for you!

Product Owners are Key – Agile product management needs it’s POs, see why here.

Coding? Do some pair inspections – Make your code invincible. Pair up and review code.

Boarrd with Project Management? – Agile project management never looked so fun with this tool.

Agile and UX Design – Read some really good guides on how to bring UX design into Agile.

Agile and the Iron Triangle – Just don’t forget quality in the process.

[Infographic] – What is the product owner responsible for?

Practice Agile – Don’t practice the wrong things. Do the right things and perfect them.

2010 Agile Survey – Check out the facts with Scott Ambler.

Agile project management is always better with bacon – Get yourself a slice with this new tool.

An Agile Scout is just like a cub scout – But better without terrible photoshop jobs.

10 Reasons we love Agile – A Thanksgiving List

Agile Leaders and Communication – Make sure to be open and honest about mistakes.

6-Page Whitepaper describing Scrum – Easy cakes.

Agile Certification – Uncle Bob tells us the real deal.

Agile Adoption and the Enterprise – Rajesh Raheja, a guest contributor tells us the 3 biggest challenges to Agile adoption.

Agile is dying? – What we can learn from the fall of waterfall.

Agile Estimation 2.0 – Estimate your stories with this exercise.

World’s Most Agile Manager? – Yep. You heard it here first.

Scrum Alliance 2011 Strategic Plan – Read how the Scrum Alliance is going to re-vamp their organization and certification.

Metrics for the week:

Interesting to note that while our visits went down past the holiday we had higher levels of readership in terms of length. We’ll be diving into the specifics of this thanks to google analytics.

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