Week in Review 7 – Thoughts on “Agile”

This week has been an interesting week, with lots of feedback on a couple of posts:

Growth has been steady and sure. Our traffic is only increasing and our ‘reach’ is growing tremendously. We are very happy about this.

We’re currently setting up more conferences that we may be the live-blogger for. Always excited about these!

Metrics for the week:

What is pretty clear about these stats are that people were reading through the full length of a couple of our articles. Considering the average time people spend on any site we’re tailoring our posts to a certain length to make sure that we are capitalizing on the core-length of readership time.

Since the average human reads 200-250 words per minute, and the average length of time on a post is coming in at just shy of 3 minutes, it makes sense that posts longer than 600 words or so is wasteful. Get to the point, right?

As we continue to harness the power of google metrics we’ll be better at pushing out valuable content. Here’s to google analytics!

Blog posts this week:

  1. [Tool Review] – Podio – This new tool is a full collaboration and Agile project management tool. Take a look for sure.
  2. [Tool Review] – ClientStat.us – Want a solid Agile collaboration tool? This may be what you need.
  3. Tracking Value – We posted a question out to our readers about this. Drop us a comment and let us know how you track value.
  4. iPad WINNER! – We like to give out free stuff. Check out our past giveaways.
  5. Scrum Evolution – Does Scrum need to evolve?
  6. Agile Brand – We take a look at the Agile brand and ask the question: “What is the Agile brand being marketed?”
  7. [Tool Review] – GoMockingBird – Agile and UX rejoice! This tool can help.
  8. [Infograph] – What flavor of Agile are you? – Not exactly correct, but may be an interesting look.
  9. Agile NOT a Methodology – Join in the conversation. This is a doozy.
  10. QR-Code Winners – We give out more free stuff. What can we say? We love swag.
  11. PechaKuchas – **Definitely check out this link. We love continually educating our teams.**

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