Week in Review 4 – The State of Agile Begins

This week has been exciting because there is a lot of buzz going around in the Agile software development world. The Scrum Alliance is changing, the rules and prescriptions of the Scrum methodology are being brought into the light and people are seeing that a ScrumBOK could just be the beginning of the end of Scrum, or so people say.

Regardless, Agile Scout is here to keep on keeping on.

Our first ever prize giveaway was announced and we’re coming up to the end of it soon. If you haven’t entered, you can enter here.

The State of Agile has been a hit. We have some huge players in the Agile community that have given up their time to be part of the first ever Annual State of Agile with Agile Scout.

If you haven’t seen the list, check it out here.

Metrics for the week:

Blog posts this week:

The State of Agile with Josh Nankivel – See Josh’s response in a cool video format!

The State of Agile with Sara Broca – See Sara’s response to her experiences with starting Agile in her work.

Tool Review – Tweet Scrum – Is it for real? Daily Scrum using Twitter? Well these guys thought it up. Check it out if your curious!

The State of Agile with Ken Schwaber – See Ken’s look at where Agile software development is going in the future.

Scrum Alliance Amsterdam Agile Scout can’t make it. But we’re hoping you can.

The State of Agile with Derek Huether – See Derek’s view of Agile certification in the Agile space.

Agile Scout is Moderator for WC&PWBA – Get excited.

The State of Agile with Tobias Mayer – See Tobias’ view of Agile and where it stands today. He’s been covered by Agile Scout before here.

Agile Scout Prize and Giveaway – Need we say more? Sign up!

Full Contributor List for The State of Agile – Check out who’s giving Agile Scout their insights!

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