As a Manager I Want to Improve Things!


[This is an email that was sent to me literally a day after our Certified Product Owner Training… it is things (action!) that I love seeing. Learning is great, but taking what you learn to make positive change in your organization is just yummy all the time! Thanks Miguel for letting me share it with the community!]


Just wanted to thank you for the Product Owner training. It was an eye opening experience and helped me on both a personal and professional level.  Wanted to share an email I sent over to the Executive Team a few minutes ago (see below).  I am really looking forward to help shape the future of Scrum in my organization!


From: Miguel
Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2014 5:13 PM
To: — — —
Subject: Scrum Committee

As a <Manager>

I would like to form an Organizational Scrum Committee

So that we can improve our processes and create high-performance teams

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Verify that the committee includes Scrum Masters
  • Verify that the committee includes Product Owners
  • Verify that the committee includes Developers
  • Verify that the committee includes Testers
  • Verify that the committee includes DevOps
  • Verify that a goal of the committee is to improve our processes
  • Verify that a goal of the committee is to achieve high-performance teams
  • Verify that is an honest venue where members are empowered to speak without fear of retribution

One of the things I got out of Product Owner training is that it’s pretty important for the leaders of an organization to get together and talk about your Scrum processes on a regular basis. What are your thoughts about putting together a Scrum committee of sorts (maybe do a lunch n learn at least once a month?) to  get together and discuss Scrum and Scrum processes?  It should at least include the PO’s, Scrum Masters and Leads, but I could see how inviting the developers, testers and IT would  be beneficial as well.   I see it being a Retro of Retro’s of sorts, where each team can discuss what is working and isn’t working for our teams.  It would also a great venue to discuss things we learn in training and other educational venues.  The goal of this committee would be to improve our development life cycle so that we can archive high performing teams.

It would be great to get the new PO’s and SM’s involved with this from the get go, I’m sure they can provide some good feedback from previous experiences.

I would like to head this up if you agree it will be beneficial for us.


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