VersionOne Loves Agile Coaches

I got 2 XL Shirts... what are they trying to say?...

VersionOne Hearts Their Agile Parter Coaches

Want to know how to support your Agile community thought leaders and Agile Coaches?

Give them free swag.

I have spent a solid amount of time with the VersionOne crew and have come to love the way that they support the Agile community. Not only are they are a big presence at meetups, conferences, and gatherings, but they are totally all about helping others.

It’s a Cultural Thing

VersionOne has a unique culture. A culture where awesome people create awesome products and services. But it all starts with the people. Yes, they sell a product too, but get in a conversation with them. They’ll speak more about growing the community, helping others, and the fun aspect of work than talk about their tool.

So far I’ve received 4 care packages over the course of the last year or so, all jam packed with awesome swag for me, an Agile Coach, to give away to my clients, friends, and readers.

What is VersionOne doing for me? They are helping me be more effective in my work. Period.

Thanks VersionOne!

Check out their:

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