Value Of Your Product – What Are You Communicating?

As I run through my feedburner every morning and every week I would bet that there are at least one or two blogs or articles about “Value,” or what “Value” means in regards to certain different types of businesses or products. Heck, even I have written about “Value” here and here.

Many readers of these blogs may just be a regular Joe with a regular 40-hour job and a pretty simple life. Many other readers are those people that Eric Brown talks about in his recent article, On Value.

I was struck by his examples of amateurs breaking into the market and somehow diluting the market segment and making it harder for professionals to make a living. Is it price? Or is it that (your) value isn’t being communicated correctly.

….value is what you make it.  Value is what you communicate.  Value is what you can deliver.

I believe strongly in these words by Brown. As professional consultants we can look at the market and say:

“Hey man! I’m getting jacked!”


We can do some inspecting and adapting and really figure out how we’re communicating our value. Sometimes (and this works for me) exercises like this take a little time, a pen, and a piece of paper. I love to do this all the time. Have a whiteboard at home? I recommend it. 🙂

Read more of Eric Browns article here.

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