Value of Certification – Spring Cleaning



It’s spring cleaning time. Time to clean out the closet and get rid of stuff that is either taking up space, not used, or just not worth keeping around.

I came upon a fully loaded packet of tons of certifications, broken out into 3+1 categories:

  1. Personal Development (3 certs, ranging from Public Speaking to Business Process Improvement)
  2. Software Development (7 certs, ranging from Business Objects to Microsoft stuff)
  3. Software Development Management (7 certs, ranging from PMI-ACP to Scrummy-type stuff)
  4. Undergrad and Graduate Degrees (4 diplomas, CompSci, Counseling, Education, Divinity)

It’s funny. As I’ve accumulated a ton of paper. But it made me think. What’s the value?

In a overly-simplistic view, certification means I’ve done what is necessary to ‘complete’ a set of requirements. 

It could be said that they don’t prove anything. And you would be right. For hiring purposes, they are basically used to filter candidates. But that doesn’t mean they’ll actually be able to do the job (with excellence).

For me, part of my spring cleaning is to continually provide excellent value to my clients and customers. To grow our business to the next level. Certification, at this level, has no real significance.

It felt very good to trash those papers (sans the degrees).

What do your new years resolutions / spring cleaning look like for 2013?

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