User Stories Help Build Sales’ Stuff

I’ve been thinking how  product development, product marketing and sales teams should be joined at the hip.

Seems only natural since we build stuff (tools, live product demos, APPS, websites, etc) to support sales’ efforts converting leads to customers. One thing I have noticed is that not everyone in this triad is on the same page regarding “done” or what is to “be done” when it comes to creating sales tools. That’s a problem.

Why Not Try User Stories and Story Points?

User Stories define what the customer wants the product to do. Well, in this case the “customer” is sales & marketing. User Stories from stakeholders describe the “what” to build, the “why” and the “done” (what success looks like),  stopping delays and rework.

Use Story Points to communicate upfront any difficulties in completing the project and changes to the Velocity. This should eliminate everyone’s guesswork AND increase everyone’s “satisfaction” factor.

Finally, and not the least important => strong kudos from “sales” to their partners in “dev” for creating tools that work for them.

Transparency between teams. Increased sales. A true winning strategy. What’s not to like?

Your  Agile Ideas…

Are there differences in User Stories for external customers vs internal customers? What does the Agile product development team need from marketing to create effective User Stories for Sales Tools?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Keep on, keeping on!

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