Universities Teaching Agile

Rutgers & Jersey Shore-Style Agile Training

Universities, such as Rutgers, based out of New Jersey, are now teaching Agile in their classrooms. Not only that, they are teaching the PMI-ACP, which we have covered a ton (see my experience with the PMI-ACP here).

The Rutgers University-Merit Systems course teaches Agile principles and practices used in Project Management to manage change through flexibility, adaptation and direct communication.  During this intensive, three-day course, participants develop and employ an Agile design beginning with Sprint Planning and Scrums.  Simulation is used during the class to reinforce important principles.  Every day, participants are provided the opportunity to manage an Agile project in a dynamic real-time environment.

You know what I’m curious about? Who’s training it!

If you are in Jersey, and interested in it, hit up the link in the HT.

[HT: Rutgers]

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