UK Government Website is Agile

A pilot of an all-in-one government website could give an early indication of the government’s digital strategy with Agile software development techniques, crowdsourcing and cloud computing. is a pilot for a website that could put all UK government digital services and websites on one URL. Wow sounds like something Obama could do during the last segment of his time in office since he did tell us to do Agile…[see Obama Agile Development]

A couple of tidbits as to why I’m excited about the UK government website going Agile:

  • The pilot website, hosted on Amazon’s cloud, was developed in-house using agile software development techniques to involve users early in the project
  • The site will go through two months of testing by UK citizens through crowdsourcing to enable future users to give their views on usability. This approach is widely used in the software industry to get customer feedback on a new version of a product months before the finished product ships.
  • The methods being used by this team are more like the dynamic developments of an IT start-up (government acting like a startup? WOW!)
  • If the pilot, which cost £261,000 to build and run, becomes more than that and is rolled out, its practices could become more widely used in government
  • If this is anything like the UK managing your pensions with Agile, and managing the Agile IT Cartels in the UK, it seems like those good ‘ole brits are doing things right.

[HT: Computer Weekly]

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