Top Ten Essentials to Discovering and Inventing

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“We’re entering a new age of discovery, where we are exploring a world of information and possibility. Like the explorers of the past, we need to bring along a short list of essentials to help in the journey. If you practice and become comfortable with these ten things, you will be able to work your way through nearly anything.” – Based on the O’Reilly book “Gamestorming” by Dave Gray, James Macanufo and Sunni Brown

  1. Opening and closing – Give innovation its shape. Know when it’s time to open, and when it’s time to close. Don’t try to do both at once.
  2. Firestarting – Where’s the fire? To create anything new, you must first create a compelling challenge. Start with a question and see what it ignites.
  3. Artifacts – If a great idea isn’t captured, does it make an impact? Use whatever you have to make ideas tangible, portable and sharable.
  4. Space – Walls are for working and for sharing. Any conversation of reasonable complexity needs a whiteboard.
  5. Generation – When opening, populate your world with as many and as diverse a set of ideas as you can. Obey the laws of brainstorming: there are no bad ideas (yet) and stick to the topic at hand.
  6. Randomization – Not everything comes to us in order. Practice randomization, filling in the blank, and forced analogies to breakdown the patterns that we’re all stuck in.
  7. Sketching & Model Making – If it can’t be drawn, it can’t be done. The fastest way to make an idea concrete is to sketch it out, and you don’t have to be an artist to ”think on the page.”
  8. Improvisation – Brainstorm with your body and see what comes naturally. Just make sure someone is playing the role of the customer.
  9. Selection – You can’t do everything, and when it’s time for selection, be ruthless. Start with a criteria and make choices. Vote, rank, prioritize.
  10. Try something new – You won’t discover and invent new things unless you get used to taking risks and trying new things. Make it a practice to challenge yourself and you will inspire others to do the same.

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