Best Agile-Scrum-Kanban Tools

An Agile Scout never leaves home without his utility belt of fresh ideas, methods, and of course, tools.

So, what tools are best for which situations? Well, we have a couple of frequently updated lists for you.

Best Tools List:

Tools Reviewed by Agile Scout:

We’re always on the hunt scouting out new tools.

See a tool not on our lists? Let us know.

Want us to review your tool? Hit us up.

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  9. is a must tool if you’re using JIRA.

    The all-in-one tool for agile and scrum teams that will help your teams productivity.

    – Tightly integrated with JIRA Cloud and On-Premise.
    – Built to make your team’s daily tasks easier.
    – Make your stand ups super effective.
    – Hold retrospectives online with your team.
    – Story refinement with swimlanes have never been easier.
    – Keep track of your team’s action items.
    – Measure your progress with live statistics.
    – Create NPS surveys for the team and analyze the result.

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