[Tool Review] – Wridea – For Thought Management

Ever had a great idea and needed a place to store it? Oh wait, you already have an app for that called Evernote. Wait, stay with us here. This tool that we found may just help you “visualize” your ideas in once central place and collaborate with other people about your ideas.

Enter: WrideaIdea Management and Brainstorming Tools

What makes Wridea different than your traditional Evernote or Evernote-clone can be categorized into three categories:

  1. Mostly a web-based tool and interface
  2. Collaboration and sharing on your notes or ideas
  3. Idea Rain (Explained below)

You can create you ideas, separate them into pages and categories as well as add your friends (or clients) to collaborate on your notes.

We had a little bit of difficulty in the beginning when we wanted to add a note. We entered in a new name for an idea and pressed “Enter” on our keyboard after. It would load, but not save the name. Try clicking off the note after your done typing it in. That seems to work just fine.

Idea Rain is an interesting concept. All your saved notes will fall from the top of the browser.

We’re assuming this is to help you gather your thoughts and think long and hard about what your ideas are. Maybe you’ll pick one randomly to execute on.

Got 100 different ideas on a new project or startup? We know we do. You can either bust out paper-scissors-rock or you can pick an idea falling from the top of the browser.

We’re not quite sure we would drop Evernote for this tool just yet, but a creative mind may love this tool just as it is.

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