Tool Review – Tweet Scrum – Scrum Twitter Style

Ok, ok. For those that think this is a joke, hold on to your pants for a second. This may be just the thing for your international or dispersed team members.

Enter: Tweet Scrum – Taking Control of Your Daily Scrums

  • Is this a fresh take on daily Scrums? Yes.
  • Does this leverage today’s most popular social media platform? Yes.
  • Does it allow your team leader or ScrumMaster see all updates of all team members? Yes.
  • Does it show a summary of blockers and issues? Yes.
  • Is this a replacement for daily face-to-face communication and collaboration? Nope.

So what is the Agile Scout’s thoughts about this?

First off. We would love to see the thing in action. When we signed up, we received an email that would let us know when it’s out of Beta stage. Humff. It would have been nice to see how it all works together.

We’re assuming that it uses a Twitter-like interface and dashboard that allows some leader or ScrumMaster to view the team members updates in real time and reply to any particular issues that are reported. The collaboration could be used similar to that of a Yammer-type application, and we like that idea, but the tool seems to focus around one particular foundation of Scrum: The daily standup.

Our thoughts are that this could be a great tool for collaboration throughout the day, and not just for a daily Scrum. It could just be another interesting take on an internal instant messaging app.

So, do daily Scrums have an application? Well, now they do.

“There’s an app for that.”

So readers, what are your thoughts on this app?

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