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As our Best Agile Scrum Tools list continues to grow, we are constantly searching for that one tool that will do exactly what we need it to do: Manage Agile projects with ease. We’re looking for a tool that has collaboration, Agile workflow options, task management, metrics, communication streams to clients and customers (Product Owners), permission options, developer tools, time tracking, API connectivity, and even a little bit of extra juice that makes a user want to use it.

Is there a perfect tool for any business? Absolutely not. That’s why development shops keep pushing the envelope and making our lives as developers even easier.

Are there tools out there that are pretty darn close? Well, we got one on our radar.

Enter: TinyPM (@tinypm)- A Lightweight and Smart Agile Collaboration Tool

So Why Does Agile Scout Love This Tool?

Simple. It has many of the features that we, as developers, have come to desire in a standalone platform.

Want your basics? TinyPM has it: Project dashboard, backlog, story creation, metrics, release schedules. Check.

Want some extra juice? TinyPM has that too: Collaboration for dispersed teams, full change history logs, role permissions, open APIs, time tracking, and attachments.

Want some awesomeness? TinyPM has you covered: Sandbox for development, versioning, translation (English, German, Portuguese, French and Polish), and even a Wiki. Can we get an “Amen?”

Oh, and the interface looks pretty as well. Sometimes these aesthetics go a long way for the user. Drop in and see your project in depth. Two clicks later and you’re on to adding a story into the backlog. Two clicks south of there and you can put your stories into iterations and get developing.

The backlog is intuitive and color coded. Iterations are well defined and time stamped so you know exactly when things need to get done. Have issues? Comment on a profile or send an update to a story, task, or user. Your team members will get notified in real-time. We especially like the different view options for the user. Users familiar with Jira with Greenhopper would clap with appreciation.

Agile Project Management Made Pretty:

After spending almost half a day going through this Agile project management tool we were thrilled by the feature-rich elements that make TinyPM a winner. If you’re looking for a tool that you can jump right into and start using this may be just the tool for you. Like Adobe’s Photoshop, this tool has features and elements that only get better with time as you explore and dive into them.

Skeleton software tools are great with their distilled feature sets. They are easy to get into and plug away. Simple tools are good, easy, but sometimes simple tools has the user in want for more.

How about a tool that you can jump into with ease and takes care of all the extra ammenities and information radiators as well. Doesn’t that make your management life just a bit easier?

Example Dossier of User:

Bottom line?

TinyPM hits the mark as an Agile project management tool that rocks. With a feature-rich interface and information radiators all over the place you’ll be able to manage your projects on many different levels. From the velocity of your sprints, WIP limits, task management, to real-time collaboration, TinyPM could be your one stop shop for project management in a box.

Check them out at and follow them on Twitter @tinypm to see latest updates coming up. Do you speak another language? Want to help them translate? Shoot them an email, they may just give you a prize for it. You can sign up for a freemium version to start and when you’re ready to make the dive drop some bones on it. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing our tool! With every update we try hard to keep it easy to use for a starting user and then uncover more options after they work with it for a while, so it was great to see that you notice it here…

    As I like reviews to be objective, we need to admit that the Kanban functions also mentioned in the article are far from what we wished to have in tinyPM, but we hope to get more of them by the end of the year, so Kanban fans… stay tuned 🙂

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