Tool Review – Teamly – Priority Project Management

We like great tools and it doesn’t mean that they have to be Agile-specific. For small teams, maybe a very light tool may help make things just a little bit easier.

Check the video here:

Introduction to Teamly from Teamly on Vimeo.

Screenshots after the jump.

Enter Teamly, a priority focused management tool:

Traditional software encourages you to create long lists, most of which you never complete. Teamly encourages you to focus on just your top 5 priorities.

What we like first is that you can build a list but you have to prioritize it! How many PMOs have you worked for that have a laundry list of 100s of items and then prioritize 50 of them as highest priority?

Demand a quick 5!

Need stats? Drop into the Statistics section to see how you’re doing versus what you planned:

Have a team that works on the tasks associated with your priorities? Take a look in real time as to what they are completing and what isn’t working out. We like the ability to see how people are doing on the tasks at hand!

So how would you use this tool in conjunction with your notecards and whiteboard?

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