Tool Review – TeamBox – Task Management Made Simple

When we here at Agile Scout came across this software tool we were amazed. So amazed at it because we’ve been looking for something just like it for not only our own workflow, but for one of the clients we’re serving right now.

We’ve had some discussions internally with the client about what type of collaboration tool they’d like to use. Ideas popped up all over the place: Basecamp, Yammer, Dropbox, Sharepoint, Pivotal Tracker, Scrumy, and even Twitter was mentioned. At that point I pointed out there is already an “App for that” in the form of TweetScrum… moving on.

Enter TeamBox – Collaboration and Task Management:

This tool is awesome. We’ve even envisioned its use for Agile teams in that you can create, edit, and assign tasks to developers and other individuals. What we like a lot is also the ability to see updates on a project level, a task level, and even an individual level (with time tracking)! Not only that, but if you like Gantt charts, they have them in tandem with a handy-dandy calendar that lets you see which tasks are due when and how much time is left on them.

The above picture looks very cool. Below is our example project:

We like great tools and signed up for an account to mess around with the nitty-gritty details. Somethings that may not be apparent in the tool are the extras: Integrations (Pivotal Tracker, Tender, Zendesk, Github) and even mobile handset support (iPhone/Android)

So, highlights of this tool?

  • 1-minute setup Just like using GMail, you don’t need to install anything.
  • Anywhere, anytime Access your data from any computer.
  • Secure We use enterprise-class servers to host and backup your data for you.
  • Evolving Teambox is being constantly updated with new features.
  • Inbox-driven You can be notified by emails from activities in your projects

In our minds, Teambox is a winner, even if it’s another Freemium business model.

Hit up the video for a full review of the tool:

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