Tool Review – Standard Theme – The Best WordPress Theme Out There

We here at Agile Scout are power users. We need a blogging platform that is not only powerful, but flexible and adaptive to our needs. We need something that we never have to worry about and know will work exactly how we want it to.

Enter: Standard Theme

We’ve been blogging for a while now. Starting with back in the day to even a Googlepress. Hey, blogging engines have changed, haven’t they?

What we love the most are three (3) things:

1. SEO – We love this theme because our research has shown us that the Standard Theme is the best out-of-box-SEO machine you could build yourself. We dropped our *Alpha release of our blog on this site and saw the numbers march forward.

Could this be part of our massive growth and awesomeness (Really do check these links, they could be indicative of our serious growth).

2. Admin Panel and Customization – We are developers by nature. We’re coders. But not everyone is. The admin panel and customization is so easy even a non-code-junkie could do it. Like widgets and drag and drop changes? The Standard Theme has it.

3. Built for Agilists in Mind – Hey, want something built by people who love inspecting and adapting to change? Then here you go. Agile Scout supports any and all tools built by developers and geniuses who love making software better.

We salute you!

The Standard Theme 2 for WordPress Walkthrough from 8BIT Network on Vimeo.

Agile Scout runs on Standard Theme.

Have a tool you want us to review? Hit us up.


9 Replies to “Tool Review – Standard Theme – The Best WordPress Theme Out There”

  1. How did you decide on Standard Theme 2? Check out Headway 2.0 being released on October 25th. I’ve been trying to decide what theme to use for my next redesign. I had considered using Thesis but was directed to or for genesis.

    1. We chose Standard Theme because it’s ease of use and SEO packed features. Completely modify-able. Simple is easy to add upon. Already complex packages are hard to work with initially.

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