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It is really hard to find bug tracking tools that are easy to use. It almost seems like an oxymoron to say the words “simple” and “bug tracking” in the same sentence. Any quality assurance person will tell you that QA isn’t easy… unless the environment is set up to make it easy. Maybe all you need is a kick-ass tool…

[Enter]: SifterAppSimple and Friendly Bug Tracking Tool

No Superlatives. Just Software

SifterApp isn’t “bug tracking done right”, “better bug tracking”, or even “bug tracking evolved.” It’s just a simple and friendly hosted bug tracking tool designed for small teams.

Not only that. It’s pretty to look at as well. 

Quickly get an overview of all projects and dive in for a deeper look with the Project Dashboard view:

Milestones are a big part of Sifter. Break projects down into due dates and keep track of the overall progress towards each milestone:

Filter and sort your issues so you only have to see the work you need to do right now with the Issue Listings view:

The issue detail gives you all of the data about an issue in an easily digestible format when you dive down into all the nitty gritty of each bug:

Create a new bug or issue. No fluff. Just gimme the details plz:

And, boom goes the dynamite.

Pricing is pretty simple and won’t break the budget. Try it out for 30 days for free. You may just get hooked.

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