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“Isn’t it time that everyone benefitted from the time-tested Agile methodologies without the cost of training and expensive ‘experts?'” – Peter Saddington

“Over here at ScrumDo, we totally agree with you.  Most of the tools out there are stupid-expensive or they don’t make it easy enough to succeed with scrum.  It’s one of the reasons we decided to make our software open source and free for everyone.” – Marc Hughs (Developer at ScrumDo.com)

We’re all about free open source lean tools that just work. If the tools are pretty and run quick then it’s a plus too. Some will say that you get what you pay for, right? In many cases that is very true. Sometimes, you may just be surprised when you come across a Scrum tool that is open source and awesome at the same time.

[Enter]: ScrumDoThe Open Source Scrum tool with powerful results

When you get started you’ll be greeted with a couple of options: Create a new project or create a new organization. We started out with an AgileScout organization and kept on moving. The tool tips are readily available and it’s a snap to get started:

After you’ve created your organization you can move onto creating a project. Click the nice green “+” buttons and you’re in:

For our purposes, we added 4 stories and moved on to the next step: Iteration planning. The helpful toolbar on the right side is persistant and you can always click to see information quickly. You’ll want to make sure that you create your iterations before hand, but if you forget, you’ll be prompted when you want to move a story from the backlog to an iteration.

Check out your backlog and you have 4 options to choose from:

  • Story Details
  • Add to Iteration
  • Change the status of a story
  • Edit Details

The status of stories are simple to change, and it’s easy to know what stories are in which status, because they are color coded!

  • To Do
  • Doing
  • Needs review (QA)
  • Done

The color of the stories change when you make a selection as well.

You can also click and drag the stories to change their order of priority if you choose to do so.

After we had fully sized and put our stories into iterations we took a good long look at our dashboard to see what has been happening and to look at our overall project status:

An example iteration view is below. The burn up charts are beautiful and show you exactly what you need to know:

Overall project status? A click away to a very nice looking chart:

Want to know what we found to be one of the coolest features in this free open source tool?


Their analytics can tell you based on your history of work how to plan when doing a release planning.

Something like the following will be told to you:

You have 318.0 points worth of work left in the backlog. Ideally, at your current velocity that could be finished in 7 iterations (318.0 points / 49 velocity = 7 iterations). Due to the way sotires break out, it will likely take 8 iterations.

Assuming we can complete 49 points per iterations, that our stories are correctly sized, and that rankings don’t change, we can predict the iterations shown below:

Talk about a nifty feature!

Summary of Features

  • Manage your Backlog
  • Create Iterations
  • Size Stories
  • BurnUp charts
  • Predict the future
  • Support for Organizations
  • Many teams per Organization
  • Many teams per Project
  • Many projects per Organization
  • Multiple teams working from one backlog

This tool really is awesome. After spending a couple days tinkering around with it we were thoroughly impressed. From viewing all the details you need about stories, iterations, and burndowns, it simply has what a lean-Scrum team needs in a tool. Oh yah, without the overhead cost.

This tool is open source and for those that want to mess around with it, you can hop on over to ScrumDo.org for the source code. We see a lot of great Agile tools out there. This one may just take the cake for best Open Source Scrum tool we’ve seen yet. Great job guys!

[We review Agile tools. Have you seen our Agile tools list?]



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