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Communication, transparency, and collaboration are huge for successful teams. The better a team communicates, the better they can work through issues, and move towards deployment of products. Simply put, communication should be easy. If your environment isn’t communication-friendly, that may be the first issue you need to look into.

Sometimes we can’t change our environment. Sometimes, our tech-lead is out in China. What communication platform will you be using?

[Enter]: Sazneo Smarter Group Communication that looks pretty while doing it

When people often think about inter-office communication, a couple of big players come to mind: Yammer, Campfire, Yahoo, and even some old school clients like AIM. While these are great tools, sometimes you may just need a little more oomph for your team.

A beautiful dashboard to start. Channels to go to and 1-on-1 chat makes Sazneo cover all your bases immediately.

Sazneo enables people to hold multiple real-time group discussions with any number of team members in an extremely easy to use interface. Group discussions happen right in your browser with no additional software to install. Like instant messaging, your discussion is sent to all parties as it happens but offline people can see what they have missed when they next log in and catch up with ease.

Any channel allows you to share files with the members. Using the file upload feature you can quickly put documents, images and other files into a channel. Files are organised in the file widget for quick reference but are also inserted into the discussion at the point in time they were uploaded. Images can be quickly viewed using the handy preview function.

Oh yah, they have mobile access too.

Does this collaboration tool work smoothly? Yep. Give it a spin it it works for your team. You can start with 5 members, but after that you have to pay $8 per user. It may just be what your team needs for solid collaboration.

[We review Agile tools, have you seen our Agile tools list?]

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