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Somehow I knew this was coming. An Agile tool company starting to think like a game. We’ve talked about “gamification” before:


So it has happened: Winning badges for completing tasks and working as a team. Hey, you can even trade in “points” for rewards set by your management. Who knew that working could earn you LOOT?

[Enter]: RedCritter TrackerBusiness Gamification kinda like Pivotal Tracker

By the way…

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So, let’s jump right in:

When you enter there will be a pretty good amount of “homemaking” you’ll have to do (if you’re setting this up for your team for the first time).

  • Set up your rewards store (for managers)
  • Set up your profile
  • Add your skills – You’ll want to do this if you want to get ‘picked’ for certain projects
  • Preferences and go through some of the features of RedCritter (lots of them)!

To get started, add a product, then add a sprint, and then add your stories! Pretty straight forward.

What is REALLY fun is the video, check it out here:

RedCritter Tracker – Agile Gamification from Mike Beaty on Vimeo.

Adding a Sprint:

Product Backlog View:

View of the main swim-lanes for doing//in-progress//delivered… looks familiar?

Want more features? Check out some of the highlights below:

  • Badges – As your team works they earn badges for a variety of accomplishments. There are 50 badges for your company to unlock.
  • Rewards Store – Optionally assign point values to tasks. They are automatically awarded upon successful task completion. Spend points in the built-in Rewards Store on anything that your company wants to offer.
  • Drag and Drop Lists – List based drag and drop lets you manage your teams, projects and sprints with the flick of a mouse.
  • Twitter-Style Message Feeds – Communicate and coordinate your activities. Every project and sprint has its own real-time feed.
  • Dashboard View – View all your projects and important messages from the home page dashboard.
  • Multiple Teams and Projects – RedCritter Tracker makes it easy to handle multiple teams and projects.

  • Task-Level Time Tracking – Every task has a built in stopwatch for tracking session time and total time spent. Export your time to Excel for final editing and client billing.
  • Approval Workflow – Each task can have a team member assigned to approve or reject the work. Workflow is automatically managed for accepted and rejected tasks.
  • Email Notifications – Optionally receive email notifications anytime a message in the feed mentions you or when something important happens.
  • Synchronized Displays – Screens update in real-time as team members make changes. No page refreshing required.
  • Configurable UI – Don’t like the default page layout? Simply drag and drop lists to reorder them. Hide lists that you don’t care to see.
  • Configurable Terminology – Change the project management terminology to fit your company’s nomenclature.
  • Role Based Security – Granular security allows each team member to have the appropriate level of access for every project. Invite customers and restrict their views as needed.
  • Report View – Get accurate real-time reporting with charts and Excel export. Real-time burn down charts show your team’s progress at a glance. Includes Scrum reports for each team member to use in their daily stand-up meeting.
  • Show off your Accomplishments – Optionally publish your badges and skills for the public to see in the RedCritter Accomplishments Directory. Embed your public profile into your own website or blog. As you earn new badges your public profile is automatically updated.

Bottom line:

After spending about a good 1.5 hours going through this application I found myself deep within the ‘system.’ There are TONS of features, and it will take you a bit of time to get a handle on it all.

I believe that this application has a lot going for it, the issue for me is that it is almost too feature-rich. There seems to be so much house keeping to keep up with and once you have it going you’ll find that it takes more clicks to get where you want to go than maybe necessary.

The UI is fantastic. Fluid and lots of click-and-drag capability. But to move from planning the sprint, to grooming the backlog, to seeing the current work-stream… it just takes too long to get there. Again, too many clicks.

What about the badges man?! Well, during my time, I unlocked 4 badges. Not sure how all this will work out but according to the RedCritterTracker crew, it could find itself useful for teams that… well… find it useful.

Overall I think this app is good. You’d be wise to spend the 30-day free trial to figure out how it may work for your company or teams. Take it for a good solid run. You may find it has exactly what you need.

*EDIT* – They released a new wallboard App designed for large screen monitors and iPads. It gives a birds eye-view of team progress. It is in the Extras page when you sign in. it is built in pure HTML5, with nothing to install – runs in a browser.

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