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Many of our readers are consultants, coaches, and Agile software development practitioners. We can help our clients, customers, and companies where we are, face-to-face.

Why not use online mediums to broaden our audience? We know that @pmstudent runs his own show on his site pmstudent.com and that works for him, but what about the rest of us? Ever wanted to set up your own class? How about your own University?

Enter: Prfessor.comCreating Your Own University Online

Super easy to set up and get going. We messed around with it for a bit and set up our own Agile Scout University! Are we in the business of online teaching? Well, not really. But you may be!

Like subdomains? Yep, unless you pay some good cash you’ll be doing your own “MYURL.prfessor.com” like the example below:

Pretty cool stuff. Set up your own online course and charge for them, or not. Maybe you have more altruistic ideals and want to give back to the community. You can, and for free. Simple enough.

Prfessor Admin Learning Demo from Josh Walsh on Vimeo.

What do you think? Will you be the next big University of Phoenix?

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  1. I love stuff like this! I used to be the Manager of Software Engineering for an online educational institution. It was a gravy train! If you make it easy for people to get to your content, and they can leverage what they learned (either in continuing educational credits or advancing in their careers), I see a recipe for success. It’s great when people don’t need to ask permission to create valuable content. I don’t care if we’re talking about publishing a book or teaching a class, I love seeing the power going to the people to create and not the institutions to hoard.

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