[Tool Review] – Podio – Seriously Awesome PM Tool

After months of waiting to get an account, Agile Scout is finally in and ready to view one of the hottest project management and collaboration tools out there.

Fan of Basecamp? You’re in luck. Because this tool is FREE (For now…)!

Enter: PodioThe New Work Platform

This tool rocks our socks off. Frankly, we completely forgot about it because it’s been so long to get an account. We’re assuming that’s because so many people are interested in using it. Hopefully it’ll continue to be free. Would hate to have months of team work on it only to find out that it’ll cost $300 a month to continue…

One of the best features about this tool is that you can completely build your own workflow as well as easily maintain your project and task management. The interface is smooth, fast, and easy to use.

The above is a view of a project we created. The icons speak for themselves.

After taking a fun spin around this tool we’re really impressed. Especially since it’s free (after a long wait). But trust us, it’ll be worth the wait.

Have a need to UBER customize your experience? Podio probably has you covered, even on things that you may have never thought about.

We liked this app so much because it’s not a heavy enterprise app that many of the big companies sell, but it can act like a full enterprise app if you want.

You like Agile tools? Perfect, set up your sprints, your meetings, your tasks, stories, bug tracking. Sweet.

You want an UBER Agile collaboration tool? Add photos, team blogs, idea storming, and more.

Do we sound like fans? Absolutely. We’re loving this tool so much that we’re thinking about heavily moving our team-space for Agile Scout editors onto this platform.

Check out what they are doing at their office with the video below. Exciting stuff!

We also liked it so much that it made our 70+ Best Agile Tools List here.


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  1. You forget to say that is FREE for NOW, BUT it will eventually cost money…… and I suspect it won’t be cheap, at least it will be on the Basecamp price range.

  2. I’ve been using Podio for a month now on a few personal projects and it has been great. Very streamlined and stable, intuitive and design is on point to get you started with page tips and hints. Fantastic platform Podio team and from what I see great developers of this PM tool

  3. Without any doubt podio is a good option as project management tool but it lacks in features like proofing tool etc so in that case you can go with proofhub.

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