[Tool Review] – Planbox – Be Agile in Management

One of our Scouts was searching around the interwebs and found this little gem of an Agile tool. We haven’t heard too much about it before, but we thought we’d give it a spin.

Enter: PlanboxBe Agile in everything you manage

Upon first look it has many features to be desired in an Agile tool, and this particular tool, homegrown in it’s roots fits Agile, exactly. What we like is a little bit of the backstory: These guys couldn’t find an Agile tool they liked… so they built it!

Here you can see a very clean project dashboard with Story Card details. This view is information rich and the filter options make cleaning up the views to see only what you need is a nice touch.

What is nice about Planbox’s story card layout is that you can not only build out the details of the story, but you can see how the tasks are broken out by developers assigned to it. These can link into the developer’s performance tracking tool which is a nice-to-have as well.

One of the features that Planbox pushes is that this tool is a great product management tool. We all know that product managers want to know what’s going on, this tool allows them to not only see what’s going on in projects, but also groom the backlog and make changes too.

Click and drag priorities to where they need to be. Oh, very nice indeed.

If you are looking for a tool that manages projects well and enables all the key Agile roles to be involved in the process, this tool caters to just that.

Some of the extra features include:

  • Custom iteration planning
  • Tracking progress and performance
  • Time tracking and logging
  • Filtering and sorting priority features/stories
  • Resource allocation and leveling
  • Attachments too 🙂
  • Collaboration and feedback widgets

You can sign up for a free account and try it out on a couple of projects. If you’d like to make the jump to including more team members, well, that comes at a price of $15 per user per month.

The one thing missing was that extra bit of juice that gets you excited about the tool. If you go to their about page, you can see a little bit of history. Other than that, we guess that we just weren’t SOLD enough on all the features.

Is it just us? You give it a spin and see what you think. Since this tool is built specifically for Agile teams and seems to have all the features a team would want… well shoot, SELL us on it! We’re not asking for marketing-speak and razzle-dazzle. We just want to be excited about it.

In summary, this tool does everything it says it does focusing on the Agile-specific roles and functions. We love the styling and the ease of use.

Hey, maybe that’s exactly the point. Easy-to-use and intuitive Agile tool. Yep. We like that.

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