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We love us some neat tools. Not only that, we love pre-launch beta invites, and that’s exactly what we got. There is something about VC-funded startups that just tickle us, or rather, get our blood moving. It’s an exciting prospect to say the least. We at Agile Scout were lucky enough to get an early look at Opzi’s new product, which bills itself as a “next-gen collaboration platform,” featuring a library of apps that can be installed with one click. So what is this all about?

[Enter]: OpziCollaboration Done Wickedly Fast

After entering into the private beta we were greeted with a simple Install page.

The first two apps available are (1) a project management tool and (2) and issue tracking tool specifically for software teams.
Simply install them and you are go!

The tool features a extremely fast spreadsheet-like user interface that made us forget were were actually using an application in the browser.
Keyboard shortcuts make entering and editing information actually enjoyable.

Tight integration with email means your teammates can add comments to items simply by replying, and live notifications make sure everyone is in sync at all times.

Not necessarily a new thing, but did we mention how blazingly fast this app is?

Besides a library of one-click install apps, Opzi is also a full-fledged platform that enables users to assemble and customize their own work tools, to manage everything from ideas to customers (though they’re limited access only to approved developers at this point).

Need lots of options? Oh wait, you only have 1 option, to change your name. We’re sure that there will be more settings in the future.

Opzi has a long way to go, and that’s fine. It’s been fun taking it for a ride and I believe that this is one tool we’ll surely be keeping a close eye on in the coming months.Sign up for the private beta invite here.


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