[Tool Review] – Impediment Monkey – Get Those Blockers Off Your Back

Just released: A brand spanking new tool called Impediment Monkey.

Essentially, this tool is a simple way to track bugs, impediments, issues, blockers, or monkeys on your back… what ever you call them! If you’re using Scrum, Kanban, Lean or other methods that support continuous improvement, Impediment Monkey helps you make improvements faster.

Impediment Monkey takes in, notifies, helps in resolving and makes bashing impediments exciting and objective. Additionally, Impediment Monkey lets you assign, follow up, chart trends and even provides expert services to support your impediment bashing efforts.

A pretty simple popup comes up when you want to report an impediment.

If you need to add a note, simple. Add a note!

And… that’s pretty much it for now. They’re looking to continue to improve this over time, so feel free to drop them a note as to how to improve it. So far, it’s simple and light. It may just be what you need… for your own team or your personal life!

[Below is copy of Invite Letter] – Send Louie, the impediment monkey an email and he’ll invite you!

Greetings and THANKS for signing up for Impediment Monkey news!

We’re pleased to invite you to be one of the first participants on Impediment Monkey! You’ll be receiving an email soon from Louie@impedimentmonkey.com. To get started, just follow the link in that email. You will find an impediment waiting for you. When you see it, you can resolve it. You can also start creating your own impediments and invite others by assigning them impediments.

Impediment Monkey is designed to help make managing Agile, Lean, or Kanban team impediments not only easy, but fun.  We know that when you make impediments visible and work to remove them quickly, team performance improves.

Louie is the official Impediment Monkey mascot.  In addition to making sure that you and your colleagues stay on top of the impediments, Louie is in charge of the “fun” element at Impediment Monkey.

By the way, we’re using a Lean Startup model for Impediment Monkey, so naturally we’re eager to hear your thoughts about what we should do next.  Just send Louie a note with your thoughts, or use the Feedback tab on the site to submit a suggestion and vote on other users’ suggestions.

Feel free to call me or email me using my contact information below. You can also contact the team at Louie@impedimentmonkey.com.

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