[Tool Review] – GravityDev – Free and Light Agile Project Management

The Agile Scout bots have scanned the web and we came upon this little gem of a tool. What really piqued our interest was that it was not only free, but it was a Google Chrome browser app.  After fiddling around with it for a pretty good amount of time we were very impressed. Truthfully, when I was creating stories, looking at the backlog, and grabbing reports I literally said out loud to myself: “Ooo, I like this very much.”

[Enter]: GravityDevSimple and Agile Project Management

We see a lot of Agile tools come across our desk. Our backlog is chock-full of tools that we have yet to review. When we came across this tool we knew that it had potential. It’s got all the “agile” features that a team would want with quick load times and plenty of integration. Since it uses your already existing email (Gmail/Yahoo) account, you get notified of any changes to any stories that your assigned to. Collaboration is a snap if you have access at your workplace for personal email.

Jump right in and you’ll see your dashboard. Very straight forward.

The first tab is your project overview tab. On the free version you can create up to 3 free projects. Might be just enough to get you in the seat to purchase Gravity Dev as a product. But oh wait! They haven’t quite figured out the monetization strategy just yet. Go ahead. Check it out for now. It’s FREE. Can’t argue with that.

Get working on adding your stories:

Add enough stories, do your story carding meeting or iteration meeting and drag and drop the stories to an iteration. Simple and effective.

The next tab is a release calendar tab. Simple enough. Have enough stories and iterations and you can create a release plan:

The next tab literally had me wow’d for some reason. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it loaded so quickly and showed me the data that I really wanted to see.

The reporting tab is great. Data at your fingertips:

Got issues? Got bugs? You can add those just as easily as you added stories. Lots of options to choose from:

Finally you can check out your HISTORY and the changes made to the project over time.

Nothing too fancy, but just right for those that need minimum features to get them rolling on managing their Agile projects.

In Sum:

GravityDev is designed for Agile projects. You define stories, create acceptance tests, asign cost, and schedule work in iterations. (Below is from their website)

  • You don’t need to register
    Simply sign in with your account from google (gmail), yahoo, or any other OpenID provider.
  • Easy drag-n-drop editing
    Easily assign cost, make comments, and re-schedule stories.
  • Free for individuals and small shops
    Free for up to 3 projects. Soon we will be offering paid subscriptions for more projects.
  • Integrates with Google Apps
    Company projects, single sign-on, project calendar, and more.

It really is that simple. Log in and try it out. It may be just what you’re looking for.

Get it from the Google APPS web store:

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