[Tool Review] – GoMockingBird for Wireframes – Now Out of Beta!

Enter: GoMockingBird.comWireframes on the fly

If your into Agile and UX this may just be a tool you can use. Plus, it’s free to try out.

We here at AgileScout have been big fans of tools like this. We actually talked about another wireframe tool called LucidChart before, which we like a lot.

GoMockingBird just came out of beta. Make sure if you’re interested in buying a license you use a beta code to get $$$ off!

For all you Agile and UX guys, what do you think?

8 Replies to “[Tool Review] – GoMockingBird for Wireframes – Now Out of Beta!”

  1. Thanks for the mention of LucidChart. You should also know that we released some powerful wireframing functionality yesterday that truly blows the lid of “interactive” wireframes. Check out this video (http://www.youtube.com/lucidchart#p/a/u/2/qdPvfo-RBfE) and play with the tool. Imagine making almost fully navigable websites before you actually start coding. Hello usability testing! We’ve added another 40 shapes to the wireframing library as well.

  2. I have not tried any other product so I cannot compare but a few things about this product are irritating that could have been easily fixed if the developers put some thought into it.

    1) As of today you cannot include images in your mocks.
    2) you cannot create external url links
    3) You cannot group a bunch of figures and scale them together
    4) Limited set of widgets, specially considering you cannot use ur own images
    5) No support for mobile app design


  3. I fully recommend MockupTiger. It is very innovative, webbased html5.

    It has real collaboration
    Full screen clickable prototyping
    Custom widgets (all vectorized)
    Dashboard widgets for chart and graphing wireframes
    and much more

    You can also install on your intranet or domain hosting

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